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Dr. François R. Miquel

Dr. Francois is a graduate of the National Veterinary School in Lyon, France and has an advanced degree in microbiology. His special interest is in small animal and exotic animal surgery. He is a graduate of the ECFVG program and did his U.S. Clinical training at Iowa Sate University. He has been in practice with his wife in Vermont since 1997.

Dr. François

Dr. Francois is a native of Grenoble, France. He became a partner in the Essex Veterinary Center with his wife, Elizabeth, when they purchased the practice from Dr. Forrest in 1997.


Dr. Elizabeth B. Miquel

Dr. Elizabeth is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Her special interest is in internal medicine cases for all species including small mammals and reptiles. She is a member of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV). She and her husband have been in veterinary practice together in Vermont since 1997. They met in surgery at the University of Pretoria Veterinary College in Onderstepoort, South Africa.

Dr. Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth is from Rumson, New Jersey and worked on Wall Street for 10 years prior to enrolling in Veterinary School. She became a partner in the Essex Veterinary Center with her husband François when they purchased the practice from Dr. Forrest in 1997.

Dr. Aaron Lothrop

Dr. Aaron is a graduate of the University of Vermont and The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He has special interests in dentistry, surgery, ophthalmology, and neurology. Outside of practice, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, fly-fishing, running, and snowboarding. 

Dr. Aaron

Dr. Aaron joined the prctice after graduating in May 2016.  He was one of our nurses during the time he spent in undergrad at the University of Vermont.

Dr. Shannon Bradley

Dr. Shannon grew up in Vermont and received her degree in Animal Science from UVM. She then went on to earn her degree in veterinary medicine from The Ohio State University. Before joining Essex Veterinary Center Dr. Shannon used to practice mixed animal medicine (large and small animals) but now focuses on small animals exclusively. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and spoiling her small dog, Sochi.

Dr. Shannon

Dr. Shannon joined the Essex Veterinary Center family in January 2016.


Jessica Stuart, CVT, Practice Manager

Jess is a Certified Veterinary Nurse who graduated from Vermont Technical college in 2000 and has been working with small animals and exotics since graduation. Her interests include any outdoor activities, playing soccer, running, horses, and participating in obstacle races.

Jessica Stuart

Jess joined the Essex Vet family in November 2003, and became our practice manager in 2011.

Chelsea Decaro, CVT

Chelsea grew up in Rye, NY.  She recieved her bachelors of science in animal science from UVM in 2012 and graduated from Northwestern Conneticut Community College in May 2015.  She enjoys time spent at home with her cat, Simon and hobbies include cooking, biking, and spending time with family and friends.

Chelsea Decaro

Chelsea joined Essex Veterinary Center in June 2015


Lindsay Bumps, CVT

Lindsay graduated in 2006 from Vermont Technical College with an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology.  She is a certified technician in Vermont.  Lindsay has experience in small and large animal medicine with special interests in imaging and emergency medicine.  Her hobbies include horseback riding, traveling, shopping, and ice hockey. She works for us part time and does marketing for Ben & Jerry's (yum!).

Lindsay Bumps

Lindsay joined Essex Veterinary Center in January 2010.

Alex Murphy, Veterinary Assistant

Alex is on her way to applying to Veterinary school.  She has completed her pre-vet requirements and is currently in the process of applying to vet school for the fall.

Alex Murphy

Alex joined Essex Veterinary Center in November 2015.

Dina Alter, Veterinary Assistant

Dina is a pre-veterinary student at UVM. She has worked with animals in a variety of settings, from dairy farms to wildlife centers, and is excited to be continuing the work she loves at Essex Veterinary Center. She enjoys gardening and spending time with friends (when she isn?t studying).

Dina Alter

Dina joined the Essex Veterinary Center in November 2016.

Katlyn Guerin, Veterinary Assistant

Katlyn is currently attending the University of Vermont and studying Animal Science in the hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian. She has always had a passion for animals and since working in the veterinarian field she has come to love it even more. She likes to work with all kinds of animals and would ideally like to work with exotics. 

Katlyn Guerin

Katyln joined Essex Veterinary Center in November 2016.


Carol Mitchell, Client Service

Carol lives in Essex, VT with her husband Peter.  She has a full house with 6 dogs - Harley, Charlie, Lea, Dakota, Lucy-Lee, and Lucky.  Carol was a client of Essex Veterinary Center before she was an employee for several years.

Carol Mitchell

Carol joined Essex Veterinary Center in February 2012.

Stephanie Forando, Client Service

Stephanie lives in Essex with her husband, Ryan.  They co-habitate with their 3 cats, "Hattie, Lenny, and Hank", and their dorkie "Millie".  Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family and friends in her free time.

Stephanie Forando

Stephanie joined the practice in December 2013.

Schnell Williams, Client Service Assistant

Schnell started shadowing with Essex Veterinary Center as a junior in high school for a class, she then joined the practice and the rest is history.  She is a senior at Essex High School and will be graduating in 2015 and then attending college in pursuit of becoming a Certified Veterinary Nurse.

Schnell Williams

Schnell joined the practice in June 2014.